The Russell Firm provides comprehensive intellectual property, slander, defamation, libel and online privacy/bullying representation in federal courts throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia and Colorado. We always provide free consultations. Our clients receive personal service directly from the owner of the firm on all matters from start to finish.

The Russell Firm has led the charge against abusive BitTorrent litigation and has been directly involved in most of the cases that have shaped and limited its advance and abuse in Illinois. The Russell Firm maintains a strong network of legal and technical experts who work with us to provide excellent guidance at affordable rates.

If you have received a letter regarding a subpoena in a downloading case or are involved in a dispute online that may rise to the level of libel or slander, or has become abusive, we would be happy to advise you regarding your legal rights. We provide affordable, flat fee representation for all BitTorrent downloader cases. The Russell Firm has represented hundreds of BitTorrent defendants in numerous jurisdictions. We have the experience and the legal and technological resources to help you evaluate your litigation position and either reach a fair settlement or litigate your case.