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New BitTorrent Cases Filed By Malibu Media in Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Malibu Media, LLC filed 11 new single-doe cases in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. If you receive a letter from your Internet Service Provider about a Malibu Media case in Pennsylvania, The Russell Firm can help.

The Russell Firm has extensive experience in handling Malibu cases. We can advise you on potential outcomes, exposure for liability and damages, and potential counterclaims that can be brought against Malibu. Malibu will seek leave from the Court to issue subpoenas seeking the identities of each John Doe, and the ISP will then follow federal law and notify the subscribers, giving them a period of time in which to object if that is what they intend to do. Courts commonly allow Defendants to remain anonymous, and The Russell Firm has filed many motions asking courts to allow its clients to proceed anonymously while the parties sort out liability and damages issues, and in some cases the possibility of settlement.

The Russell Firm always represents defendants in BitTorrent cases on a reasonable flat fee basis. Attorney Erin Russell provides free consultations to defendants in all BitTorrent cases, seven days per week. She can be reached at 312-994-2424. Early action is the key to the successful handling of these cases. The decision on how to proceed is often a family decision, and Erin can explain potential impacts of either litigation or settlement on family and family finances.

The new Malibu Media cases are:

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe Subscriber Assigned IP Address – 2:2014-cv-04193

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe Subscriber Assigned IP Address – 2:2014-cv-04194

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 2:2014-cv-04195

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 2:2014-cv-04196

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 2:2014-cv-04191

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 2:2014-cv-04192

Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe – 2:2014-cv-04190

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 5:2014-cv-04188

Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe – 5:2014-cv-04189

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 2:2014-cv-04207

Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe – 2:2014-cv-04211

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