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Dallas Buyers Club letters are landing Chicagoland mailboxes again

Dallas Buyers Club is continuing to monetize its copyright by filing mass subpoena cases in the Northern District of Illinois. Internet subscribers have once again started receiving letters from their providers notifying them that they are defendants in a Dallas Buyers Club case and their information is being sought. What should you do? It depends on your circumstances. What should you NOT do? Don't ignore it. Ignoring a lawsuit is a terrible idea, and has led to devastating outcomes for people who find themselves facing a default judgment in federal court because they failed to protect their interests early in the case. Attorney Erin Russell has handled many hundreds of these cases. She always offers a free telephone consultation. You can call and talk to her any time, seven days a week. Consultations with attorneys are privileged, so what you say cannot be revealed to anyone. It's your chance to get professional guidance at no cost to you. That's the smart way to determine the best course of action for you and your family. Do you need or want to settle? We can do that. Do you want to know more about how to prove you did nothing wrong? Erin can advise you on what would be required and the potential outcomes based on your individual circumstances.

Call Erin at 312-994-2424 for a consultation. No matter what you decide to do about your case, getting professional advice will ease your mind and guide you toward smarter solutions.

The most recently filed Dallas Buyers Club cases in the Northern District are the following:

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-15 -- 1:14-cv-10381

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-8 -- 1:14-cv-10383

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-18 -- 1:14-cv-10387

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-20 -- 1:14-cv-10389

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-21 -- 1:14-cv-10391

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Does 1-13 -- 1:14-cv-10382






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