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Chicago Comcast Subscribers Are Now Receiving Subpoena Notices for "criminal"

Criminal Productions, Inc. filed numerous BitTorrent copyright infringement cases in Illinois in May, June and July of 2016. Many Comcast customers in the Chicago area have now begun receiving notices that the attorneys for Criminal are seeking their personal information to advance their case against them. We currently represent a number of people who received letters from their internet providers on these cases. 

Criminal Productions is suing for BitTorrent downloads and distribution of the movie "Criminal", starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Gary Oldman. If you received a letter from your cable company about a subpoena for your information in this lawsuit, the attorneys for the film are claiming that their experts caught you downloading and distributing the movie using a BitTorrent client. They are asking your internet provider to give them your name and address so they can contact you directly and ultimately, if you don't settle, name you publicly in the lawsuit. 

Attorney Erin Russell always provides a free initial consultation for defendants in these cases. We also always charge a reasonable flat fee for single download cases like the Criminal cases. It recently came to our attention that there are firms charging fees of $2,000 and more to settle these cases. No defendant in a single download case should ever pay that much in legal fees to settle. Our flat fee is less than half of that amount. We also offer discounts to senior citizens, members of the military, and students. Erin has 12 years of litigation experience, and has more experience in defending BitTorrent download cases than anyone in the field. 

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