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Torn Pictures Production Limited Enters The Copyright Infringement Arena

Torn Pictures entered the copyright infringement litigation arena in the Northern District of Illinois in December of 2015. They are suing more than 100 Chicago-area residents alleging that their film, "Rise of the Krays". 

The defendants in these cases have begun receiving notifications from their cable providers that Torn has issued a subpoena asking for their names and addresses. If you received a notice about this case, you should seek legal advice immediately. 

Erin Russell is one of the most experienced BitTorrent defense attorneys in the country. Many of the cutting-edge BitTorrent cases that have been decided in the Northern District of Illinois involved Erin, and she has defended people accused of downloading and distributing films in courts all over the country. 

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Torn has filed the following cases in the Northern District of Illinois:

Torn Pictures Production Limited v. Does 1-27 -- 1:15-cv-11379

Torn Pictures Production Limited v. Does 1-31 -- 1:15-cv-11380

Torn Pictures Production Limited v. Does 1-25 -- 1:15-cv-11381

Torn Pictures Production Limited v. Does 1-20 -- 1:15-cv-11382

Torn Pictures Production Limited v. Does 1-21 -- 1:15-cv-11384