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LHF Productions Is Falling Again In The District of Arizona

The owner of the rights to the film "London Has Fallen" filed copyright infringement lawsuits against hundreds Arizona residents. The Court gave them permission to subpoena the names and addresses of the defendants, and the cable company, largely Cox Cable, is now sending notification letters to subscribers warning them that their identities are being sought by the plaintiff. Some people are already at the stage where they're receiving letters directly from the attorneys for LHF Productions. 

Most people are worried and afraid when they receive one of these letters. Some of them make the mistake of ignoring it. Don't do that. There are a few things you should know before you read any further: 

1. This is a manageable problem. 

2. You have very good options, and you can choose what happens next in your case.

3. Getting sued for copyright infringement of a single film is not going to ruin you financially. It's just something you have to be diligent about taking care of so you can get the best result.

4. If you act sooner rather than later when you receive a letter from your internet provider, you can avoid having your name disclosed to the plaintiff and can avoid having your name made public on the court's docket in the case. 

5. Attorney Erin Russell has handled more than a thousand BitTorrent defense cases involving a single film being downloaded. Some of those cases were settled, and some were dismissed outright when we successfully proved the subscriber's innocence. Your case can be worked out without it affecting your credit or involving public records. 

6. Everything will be ok. 

Having said all of that, if you received a letter from Cox or another internet provider regarding one of the "LHF" lawsuits, Erin can help. Attorney Erin Russell has helped thousands of accused downloaders to either litigate or settle their copyright infringement cases. You can call any time and have a free telephone consultation with Erin at 312-994-2424. She has 12 years of litigation experience, and is one of the most experienced BitTorrent defense attorneys in the country. We always offer a free, no obligation consultation. If you receive a letter about one of these cases, it is best to act quickly. You can save yourself a great deal of stress and a great deal of money by acting sooner rather than later. Erin charges a reasonable flat fee for all BitTorrent defense cases nationwide, and offers discounts to students, senior citizens and members of the military. Call and get a free consultation right away. Erin will give you all of the information you need to make a decision about whether to settle or to litigate, and how best to use your resources to take care of your case. 

The following cases were filed by LHF Productions, Inc. in Illinois in July, August and September of 2016:

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02550-JJT

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02557-MHB

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-025632-DGC

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02644-DKD

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02690-JZB

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02691-DLR

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02866-DJH

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02911-DGC

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-02915-DKD

LHF Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties -- 2:16-cv-03283-MHB