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Dish Network, LLC a/k/a NagraStar, LLC Targets Alleged infringers With settlement Demand Letters

Across the country, people are receiving demand letters and threats of litigation from Dish Network, a/k/a NagraStar, alleging that doctored satellite equipment was purchased and people paid offshore entities for pirated Dish Network programming. Dish has also filed suit against a number of individuals who either failed to respond to their demands, refused to settle or could not prove their innocence. 

I have represented individuals targeted by Dish Network with these letters. Even if you believe settlement is in your best interest, it is wise to retain counsel to ensure that the terms of your settlement actually benefit and protect you. If you receive a demand letter from Dish Network, you can call me any time, seven days per week, at 312-994-2424, and get a free telephone consultation. Understand your rights. Understand your risk. And if you want to settle Dish Network's claims against you, get an attorney and get the best settlement terms you can. I represent Dish Network targets/defendants across the country for a reasonable flat fee.